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Meet Our Clients at NRF

Each year, Ketner Group heads to NYC for NRF, the world’s largest retail conference and expo, to represent our clients and learn from the biggest players transforming retail today.

Below you will find the list of KG clients attending NRF 2020. If you’re a reporter or analyst interested in speaking with any of our clients, please reach out to the contact person for each company and we’d be happy to schedule a meeting. We look forward to seeing you at NRF!

Accel Robotics,, enables checkout-free shopping experiences across existing and emerging store formats. Our camera-based AI system allows any shopper to enter a store, pick the items they want, then walk out receiving a receipt via text or app notification. The end result is a better, more convenient shopping experience that improves existing stores while enabling new stores where people live, work, travel, and play.

Accel Robotics was founded in 2015 and incubated with RevTech Ventures and EvoNexus accelerators. Previous investors include Miyabi Ventures, New Ground Ventures, Saison Ventures, Recruit, GMO, and a diverse group of angel investors. Accel Robotics was named a San Diego Venture Group (SDVG) Cool Company for 2017, 2018, and 2019.


  • Checkout-free
  • Camera-based AI
  • Grab-and-Go
  • Frictionless Commerce

To meet with Accel Robotics, email Mariana Fischbach at [email protected].

Booth #6101

Columbus Consulting – Columbus Consulting is a team of highly experienced specialists in retail systems and processes. The company combines pragmatism, innovation and years of experience to deliver services ranging from strategic insight to tactical project delivery.


  • Assortment Planning
  • Change Management
  • M&A
  • Merchandise Planning and Allocation
  • Retail IT Strategy

To meet with Columbus Consulting, email Adrienne Newcomb at [email protected].

Booth #3550

Displaydata – Leaders at the forefront of the graphic electronic shelf labels.

Displaydata is an Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) provider whose solution enables stores to control and drive in-store pricing and promotions with speed, agility and consistency. Fully graphic and available in three colors, the ESLs can display product, price, promotion, stock levels, social reviews, currency details and much more.


  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Augmented Reality
  • Food Waste
  • Pricing
  • Store Experience/In-Store Engagement

To meet with Displaydata, email Greg Earl at [email protected].

Booth #5254

Elo –Elo offers the world’s largest selection of touchscreen displays, touchscreen computers, signage components and more. Built on a unified architecture, Elo’s product portfolio includes a broad selection of interactive displays, which can be found anywhere from gaming machines, interactive kiosks, hospitality systems, point-of-sale terminals, wayfinder displays, interactive retail displays and transportation applications.


  • All-in-One POS Systems
  • Digital Signage
  • Touchscreen Monitors

To meet with Elo, email Mariana Fischbach at [email protected].

Booth #5901

GK Software – GK Software offers a single, global OmniPOS platform for point of sale, mobile POS, mobile customer engagement and a full range of store/back-office solutions for all retail formats and touchpoints – which is why 10 of the Top 50 retailers worldwide rely on GK Software.


  • Payments
  • POS
  • Mobile Engagement
  • Omnichannel Integration

To meet with GK Software, email Jenna Jordan at [email protected].

Booth #3137

Kibo – Kibo integrates eCommerce, order management, personalization and mobile point of commerce (mPOC) software solutions for branded manufacturers and retailers to quickly implement any omnichannel strategy.


  • Big Data
  • eCommerce
  • Mobile POS
  • Omnichannel
  • Order Management
  • Personalization

To meet with Kibo, email Mariana Fischbach at [email protected].

Booth #1418

Mercatus – Mercatus empowers retailers by creating authentic digital shopping experiences. The Mercatus Integrated Commerce® platform is used by leading North American retailers. The AisleOne™ personalization engine uses machine learning algorithms to deliver advanced product recommendations and promotions to shoppers on a one-to-one basis.


  • Click and Collect
  • Digital Commerce
  • Last-Mile Delivery
  • Personalization

To meet with Mercatus, email Greg Earl at [email protected].

Booth #5136

NGC – NGC Software provides digital supply chain management solutions for retailers and brands with the Andromeda® Cloud Platform, including solutions for product lifecycle management (PLM), supply chain management (SCM), global quality control and vendor compliance.


  • Apparel, Fashion, Retail
  • Fast Fashion
  • Quality Control
  • Supply Chain Management and PLM
  • Vendor Compliance

To meet with NGC, email Kirsty Goodlett at [email protected].

Booth #5273

Symphony RetailAI – Symphony RetailAI is a global provider of role-specific, AI-enabled revenue growth management solutions and customer-centric insights for retailers and CPG manufacturers across the entire value chain. Proven, industry-leading, AI-enabled software, coupled with the industry’s only conversational natural-language AI interface, CINDE, provides users with proven prescriptive and preemptive recommendations that make it easy to identify end-to-end growth opportunities, activate plans, and realize measurable profit and revenue growth.


  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • CPG and Grocery
  • Machine Learning
  • Strategic Revenue Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Voice Technology

To meet with Symphony RetailAI, email Adrienne Newcomb at [email protected].

Booth #219

Theatro – Theatro is a personal assistant and voice-controlled mobile app platform made for retail associates, which allows stores associates to communicate more efficiently with each other and also connects employees to store systems so they’re able to check on inventory, co-worker location and more.


  • Customer Engagement
  • In-Store and Employee Analytics
  • IoT
  • Mobile
  • Workforce Enablement

To meet with Theatro, email Greg Earl at [email protected].

Booth #358

Zynstra – Zynstra virtualizes back and front office store technology, with intelligent automation to deliver software defined stores. Specific virtualization solutions include Store, POS, mobile POS Tablet, Kiosk, Self-Checkout and Enhanced PCI-DSS Compliance.


  • C-Store
  • Grocery
  • In-Store Digital Transformation

To meet with Zynstra, email Mariana Fischbach at [email protected].

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