The Ketner Group team is more than just a random bunch of great communicators fighting to get our clients the best results every day. We’re a team of energetic and creative individuals that brings an optimism and joy to everything we do – from work to volunteering to play time. We actively promote and emphasize the importance of bringing a diverse set of interests and perspectives to work every day – whether in the Austin office, New York office, at home, or finding Wi-Fi around the world – so that we can develop and execute the best communications programs for our clients.

Our talented team of strategists, writers, talkers, listeners, tweeters, readers, music nerds and goofballs is excited to get to know you, help you build a rock-solid communications program, and deliver the results that help your business boom.

Catherine Seeds

President and CEO

Ketner Group has been my home away from home since 2002, and it is truly a special place. As president and CEO of the agency (and resident Texas Tech Red Raider)…

Jeff Ketner

Founder and Senior Advisor

I founded Ketner Group 30+ years ago, and today I’m proud that we’ve become the go-to PR agency for retail technology companies. I recently transitioned into…

Kirsty Goodlett

VP of Marketing

As VP of Marketing at Ketner Group, I lead the agency’s marketing and support client success, new business and HR. Since my career kicked off more than…

Dan Ochwat

Sr. Content Specialist

I joined Ketner Group as a senior content specialist, writing sharp blogs, byline articles, reports, and whatever content ideas clients want to dream up…

Jenna Jordan

Account Supervisor

My five months as an intern in 2017 is a testament to how much I love working with the Ketner Group team: I joined full-time! After graduating from the University of Texas…

Abby Nelson

Account Coordinator

After working with Ketner Group as the spring 2023 intern, I have officially joined our Austin office full time. On behalf of our clients, I draft meaningful content…

Matthew Boncosky

Account Coordinator

I joined Ketner Group in May 2023 as the summer intern, and I am very excited to stick around as an Account Coordinator. I get to use my love for writing…

Careers at Ketner Group

We are always looking for the next person to join “Team Awesome” at Ketner Group. Could it be YOU? Learn more about working at Ketner Group and see what positions are open on our Careers webpage.