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KG Connects brings together our favorite influencers, industry experts and media to discuss trends and best practices in marketing and PR.

KG Connects is taking a break through the summer months and will resume with webinars in October and December 2021.

You’re welcome to email us to learn more or submit a topic for consideration.

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Oct. 2020

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KG Connects Oct. 2021: Coming Soon

We’ll be announcing details for our next webinar, which will take place in Oct. 2021, in Sept. of this year. Stay tuned!

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Past Webinars

After each KG Connects event, we summarize our findings and link to a recording of the webinar on our blog. Learn more about each webinar in the posts below!

KG Blog

Three Tips for Drafting a Press Release That Drives Demand

When a tech company has an exciting announcement to share, many turn to press releases without a second thought. After all, press releases are an effective way to share news, reach a wide variety of audiences and increase SEO. But the reality is, the impact of a press release can vary widely based on how…

KG Blog

Introducing Shay Edblom: Our Newest Intern

Hello, everyone! I’m Shay Edblom and I am currently in my last semester of college at The University of Texas at Austin. Hook ’em Horns! When deciding what to study in college, I followed my talent for writing into a public relations degree. Throughout my time at UT, I picked up a business minor and…

KG Blog

AI Upended the Retail Tech Landscape in 2023. What’s Ahead in 2024?

AI’s breakthrough year in 2023 was the retail technology equivalent of Taylor Swift’s Eras tour – a once-in-a-generation event that changes everything. If Swiftmania is the biggest musical sensation since The Beatles, then Generative AI is easily the most revolutionary technology since the iPhone. AI is quickly becoming a pervasive technology, dividing the timeline for…

KG Blog

Get To Know Matthew Boncosky, Ketner Group’s New Account Coordinator

Hello everyone! My name is Matthew Boncosky, and I’m the latest and greatest member to join the Ketner Group team full-time! It feels great being able to put that into words. If you already recognize my name, that’s because you might have read my first introduction on the KG blog when I began as an…

KG Blog

Getting the Inside Scoop With Dan Berthiaume, Retail Expert and Senior Editor of Technology

I think we can all agree that the retail tech industry is extremely lucky to have so many wonderful experts and content creators! You may recall that I recently sat down with our friend Barbara Thau to get her take on industry trends and tips for PR folks. For my next chat, I sat down…

KG Blog

A Frank Question: Are You REALLY Ready for PR?

As a PR professional with almost 25 years of experience creating and executing successful communications strategies for my clients, I do feel it is my duty to address a big elephant in the room. Some of you may just not be ready for PR. And that is ok!  As with anything in life, just because…

KG Blog

5 Things To Do Now To Prepare for NRF

I’m writing this blog during the hottest summer on record, and like you, I’m dreaming of cooler weather, football season, the holidays and…. ….NRF! The first email for NRF ’24 hit my inbox Aug. 8, and my first reaction was “whaaaat!?” But after 30+ years in retail tech PR, the timing makes sense. After all,…

KG Blog

Introducing Bernice Chen: Our Newest Intern

Hello, world! My name is Bernice Chen, and I’m a senior public relations student at The University of Texas at Austin. I’m excited to be starting my internship with Ketner Group! How it all began: landing on public relations I was born in Taiwan, one of the best places on the planet, but I’ve lived…

KG Blog

Talking Shop with Barbara Thau, Retail Influencer and Editorial Director of Features

In a fast-paced news world, journalists continue to rely on reputable and interesting story resources from PR professionals. That is why it is important to know and understand as much about the media we are working with as we can. Over the years, the Ketner Group team has been lucky to work with so many…

KG Blog

3 Reasons Why Speaking and Awards Should Be Part of Your PR Strategy

Texans love their H-E-B. The beloved grocer was recently named the Ultimate Texas Brand by Texas Monthly readers, who overwhelmingly crowned H-E-B the winner over 49 other iconic Texas brands including Dairy Queen, Whataburger, Buc-ee’s, Southwest Airlines (that holiday scheduling fiasco didn’t help) and many others. Why H-E-B? It all boils down to an incredible…

KG Blog

Get To Know Abby Nelson, Ketner Group’s Newest Account Coordinator

Hello readers! My name is Abby Nelson, and I am a brand new full-time member of Team Awesome.  Once upon a time, i.e. five months ago, I started my first ever, agency-side internship with Ketner Group. I remember feeling intimidated by the retail technology niche. I was trekking into an unknown world of artificial intelligence…

KG Blog

Domain Diaries: My Day With In-Store Technologies

In her latest audio blog, our president and CEO recaps some of the cool in-store technologies at the Domain shopping center in Austin, TX. Transcript of “Domain Diaries” audio blog: It’s times like this that I really love my job. In preparation for this audio blog, I recently spent some time cruising around the Domain, the…

KG Blog

Introducing Matthew Boncosky: Our Newest Intern

It’s been a little while since I’ve published a piece of writing under my name. By a little while I mean about six months, but those six months have been a welcome reprieve. That’s because for three and a half of the last four years, I was immersed in the hectic but rewarding world of…

KG Blog

Ketner Group Names Catherine Seeds CEO As Jeff Ketner Assumes the Role of Senior Advisor

A proven leader with more than 24 years of experience in B2B PR, Seeds will expand on the success Ketner built and continue the agency’s dedication to creating a rock-solid culture AUSTIN, Texas – May 2, 2023 – Ketner Group Communications, the leading public relations agency for retail technology companies, today announced it named Catherine…

KG Blog

My Interview With Barbara Walters

The death of legendary broadcast journalist Barbara Walters in December marked the passing of one of the most influential newscasters in television history. Walters shattered the glass ceiling of a male-dominated world and inspired other high-profile women broadcasters who followed in her footsteps. She became famous for her in-depth, prime-time interviews with seemingly all the…

KG Blog

Meet Our New Senior Account Executive: Katherine Bingham

Hi everyone, it’s Katherine. I’m ecstatic to be joining the team as a Senior Account Executive! My love of words (and how it got me here) I’ve always had an affinity for words. As a baby, I spoke in whole sentences before I could even stand on two feet. In elementary and middle school, I…

KG Blog

Celebrating Women’s History Month and Women Who Tell Our Stories

This year, the theme of Women’s History Month is “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories.” As storytellers working for a PR agency and spending a lot of time telling stories, we find the theme particularly relevant and inspiring. Each year, Ketner Group’s DEI Committee selects a few, team-voted monthly observances to recognize. This year, Women’s…

KG Blog

Subscription Boxes – In or Out?

As I type this, the weather is a beautiful 83 degrees in Austin, TX. This means that I’m wearing one of my favorite Spring dresses from last year. It’s yellow with blue flowers, has the perfect size and cut of spaghetti straps, with an empire waist that “slims” me in all the right places. In…

KG Blog

How To Put the Relationship Back Into Public Relations

In my 30+ year career in public relations, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about relationships. After all, “relations” is one of the two words we use to describe what we do every day. Trusted, long-term relationships between editors and PR professionals are at the heart of public relations excellence. It’s getting harder to…

KG Blog

Ketner Group Solidifies Its Communications Leadership in Retail Technology PR

The agency promotes Kirsty Goodlett to VP of marketing and announces key 2022 successes AUSTIN, Texas – Feb. 2, 2023 – Ketner Group Communications, the leading public relations agency for innovative retail technology companies, today announced key 2022 successes that solidify its leadership in retail technology PR.  Last year, Ketner Group launched the industry’s first-ever…

KG Blog

Meet Our Senior Content Specialist: Dan Ochwat

Dear readers, just as a note, while “senior” is in my title (and a bit in my knees and ankles), I’m far from the “get off my lawn” stage of my career; although, there has been so much change in retail over the years that I feel a bit senior, too. My name is Dan…

KG Blog

Introducing Abby Nelson: Our Newest Intern

Well, hello there! My name is Abby, and I am happy to report that I am Ketner Group’s Spring 2023 PR intern. I believe an introduction is in order. Here goes! What makes Abby, Abby? Here are the basics: I am a senior public relations major and business foundations minor at UT Austin, and I…

KG Blog

A Passion for Fashion Tech: Speaking with Jackie Trebilcock with the NY Fashion Tech Lab

I don’t know about y’all, but after spending months at home during COVID, I was thrilled to be back in “real clothes” and out of lounge wear. Fashion retailers were ready to have us back, too, and technology played a significant role in driving consumers back to their favorite brands.  In fact, according to McKinsey…

KG Blog

20 Years at Ketner Group! An Interview with Catherine Seeds

I’m usually not nervous about interviewing someone, but this blog post is a bit different. After all, it’s about my business partner and our agency president, Catherine Seeds, who celebrated her 20th anniversary at Ketner Group earlier this month. This agency absolutely wouldn’t be the same without her. Catherine dares to dream big, she’s fiercely…

KG Blog

My Three Favorite Quotes From The SKU Retail Brew Summit 2022

I joined Ketner Group as an intern in early 2020. And as you can imagine with that start date, I haven’t had many opportunities to attend in-person retail conferences. So, when my team mentioned the possibility of having me attend the 2022 SKU Retail Brew Summit, I jumped at the opportunity! I couldn’t wait to…