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KG Connects brings together our favorite influencers, industry experts and media to discuss trends and best practices in marketing and PR.

Our webinar schedule is as follows:

You can register for our upcoming webinars below. Details for webinars occurring later this year will be available closer to the date, and you’re welcome to email us to learn more or submit a topic for consideration.

Upcoming Webinars

Daniel Oppong, Carolyn Birsky & Sterling Hawkins - KG Connects

Event Details

Fri. Dec. 11, 2020

10:00 – 10:30 am CT

Dec. 2020: Where in the H*LL Does the Future of Work Go From Here?”

At the end of the hit 80’s movie, Back to the Future, Emmett Brown (Doc) famously says, “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” Fast forward to 2020, and it appears that there may be things in our work lives that we really don’t need anymore, or maybe, we need them now more than ever! In this session, we will have an engaging discussion on the future of work and exactly where in the h*ll we go from here.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Tips and best practices in recruiting the most talented and diverse talent for the long-term
  • How to overcome challenges in managing remote teams and maintain a sense of normalcy when leading teams to success
  • Creating and maintaining your ideal company culture, which transcends Zoom calls and virtual meetings

About Carolyn Birsky

Carolyn Birsky (she/her/hers) is an empathetic sales leader, certified professional coach, natural connector, and all around “people person”. Throughout her career, she has developed a deep passion for helping others thrive in their own careers and for helping companies develop more diverse workforces and inclusive cultures. She’s grateful to say she gets to focus on this for a living: As a Global Sales Development Manager at ServiceNow, she manages and coaches a team of account development representatives who are starting their sales careers in the SaaS industry. As a certified coach and owner of Compass Maven (the life & career coaching business she founded in 2016), she helps women in their 20s + 30s gain the clarity and confidence they need to get unstuck and turn the lives and careers of their dreams into reality.

About Daniel Oppong

Daniel has been part of the Nashville entrepreneurial scene since joining Jumpstart Foundry in 2015. Originally from the Dallas area, Daniel came to Nashville by way of the Pacific Northwest where he attended Gonzaga University and received a masters in Organizational Leadership. He is the founder of OhanaHealth, an internship experience company that places students from all over the country in healthcare innovation startups. As Talent Manager at Jumpstart, he focused on “all things people”, culture and organizational design. Daniel has a passion for creating communities around shared interests/experiences and connecting people to people, ideas and opportunities. More often than not, you’re likely to find him waxing poetic about life, love, happiness and everything in between, or engaged in a convo idealizing about what would make the world a more magical place.

About Sterling Hawkins

Sterling Hawkins is out to break the status quo to create what’s actually possible for people and companies in our time. He has spent his life coming back from the brink to sell companies, finish ultra-marathons and getting results #NoMatterWhat it takes. Sterling is an internationally-recognized thought leader and has given a TED talk with over 55,000 views on the topic of discomfort being necessary for innovation. He is a top-rated keynote speaker on the #NoMatterWhat approach to driving growth innovation and results, regardless of what’s happening in the world. His keynotes share meaningful strategies delivered with the inspiration to leave attendees in action.

Past Webinars

After each KG Connects event, we summarize our findings and link to a recording of the webinar on our blog. Learn more about what we learned!

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