Get To Know Our New Account Executive: Stacee Collins

Howdy, I’m Stacee Collins!

I’m thrilled to be joining the Ketner Group team as the newest account executive. I come from an agency background, and am so excited to dive deeper into the world of retail tech. But when I was a freshman in college, I had no idea PR would become my career path. 

At Texas State University, I pursued a degree in journalism — reporting, copy editing and running social for the university’s newspaper. It wasn’t until my sophomore year that I was introduced to PR, and when I took my first intro class, I knew I was passionate about it. So, I transferred to The University of Texas at Austin as a junior and began building up my experience in the field.

Throughout my internships, I learned more about PR for sustainable energy, food and beverage and advertising technology. I ultimately landed a full-time role after graduation at Blast PR, where I spent the last three years driving success for adtech clients through media relations, speaking and awards and content management. 

Making client stories come to life

What I learned throughout all of those experiences is that I absolutely love making client stories come to life.

Whether it’s sifting through mounds of data to find the most compelling pieces of the puzzle, crafting engaging award nominations to establish clients as thought leaders or simply cultivating relationships with clients and reporters alike — I love the world of PR and am beyond happy and thankful I get to do this work every day. 

Enjoying my spare time

Other things that make me happy include: growing my frog collection, hiking with my sweet dog Odie, playing Donkey Kong on my Super Nintendo, discovering new music, taking care of my succulents, exploring Austin’s best happy hour spots and spending the weekend working on a good puzzle.

I may or may not be a grandma trapped inside a 24-year-old body, but at least I’m a grandma who is a part of Team Awesome now!