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Get To Know Abby Nelson, Ketner Group’s Newest Account Coordinator

Hello readers! My name is Abby Nelson, and I am a brand new full-time member of Team Awesome. 

Once upon a time, i.e. five months ago, I started my first ever, agency-side internship with Ketner Group. I remember feeling intimidated by the retail technology niche. I was trekking into an unknown world of artificial intelligence and tech jargon. Having no idea what to expect, I was just grateful to have a part-time job that accompanied my last semester as a college student at UT

Somehow Ketner Group made its mark on me, and next thing I knew, I applied for an account coordinator opening. Spoiler alert: I got the job. 

Why did I return to Ketner Group?

Internships can be tough. Sometimes interns sit around in a cubicle waiting to be assigned a task. Sometimes they’re heads down for 40 hours a week without so much as a nod. 

Luckily, Ketner Group was neither of those experiences.

As an intern, I was seen and heard. I was also challenged. My superiors entrusted tasks to me that ultimately led me to feel capable. In a niche like ours, that’s a hard feat to accomplish. From onboarding to offboarding, Ketner Group made every process smooth and clear.

Ultimately, that is why I stayed. I want to continue to be challenged, and I want to be part of the culture that they have built.

Personally, I love to make noise

I love discovering the ins and outs of my city. Austin, Texas is the perfect place to live because it is impossible to get bored; my list of places to try and activities to do grows longer every day. Please feel free to email me recommendations for Italian food, frozen margaritas and scenic walks. I’m all ears!

On a personal note, one of the biggest things to understand about me is that I love to make noise. I talk a lot. I sing even more. If you catch me on a good day, I might even perform an original rap or two. I can’t, however, guarantee I won’t give you secondhand embarrassment.

Professionally, I make noise with PR

Public relations is the ability to make noise on a grand scale. It may not directly be my voice that is heard, but through the relationships I build and the content I write, parts of it always end up shining through.

What makes that even better: I am able to tell the stories of my clients in the process.

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