IHL Group

“The growth Nashville has seen in the technology space has been significant in the past 5 to 10 years, but we are seeing an explosion now that CKE, Nissan and Schneider Electric have opened their U.S. headquarters here, and Amazon has announced a new office with 5,000 high-paying jobs. As a long-time resident, I believe we are uniquely poised for continued growth as a result of our friendly atmosphere, creative pool of talent and sheer geographical space available for business.”


“From day one in deciding to work with the Ketner Group through today, they continue to prove themselves to be the right partner for us. From strategy, to analyst relations, to developing and measuring content, Ketner Group helps us deliver messaging that hits the mark for our customers.”


“During our tenure of working with Ketner, we’ve been so impressed with the results we’ve seen. We really can’t overstate how valuable the coverage has been in building brand awareness and reaching new audiences.”

RIS News

“Marketing and communications is the single most effective tool to produce profitable growth and increase brand value. Few understand this as well as Ketner Group, which has consistently been a leader in building relationships with key influencers to help spread high-value content and targeted messaging to technology companies.”

GK Software

“As we have grown over the past two years, we have steadily outsourced more and more to Ketner Group, and now consider them a key part of our North American organization. We cannot recommend them too highly!”


“Opterus has been working with the Ketner Group for over ten years! We can always count on their expertise in the market, their support and professionalism. They are a great partner and a joy to work with.”


“NGC selected Ketner Group as our PR agency more than 12 years ago, and we’ve never looked back. They’ve proven their value year after year as an integral part of our marketing team.”

PlumSlice Labs

“When I met Ketner Group at my last company, I saw the significant impact they made on our bottom line, valuation and exit. When I joined my current company, it was a must to bring them along.”