Ketner Group Gets a Blog Make-Over & National PB&J Day!

Does something look a little different to you? Our blog didn’t lose weight or change its hair, but it did get a whole new look! What was formerly Ketner Group’s KbloG is now PB&J! We aim to give readers “a slice of PR, Branding and Journalism”–a place to hang out and read about good ideas and examples of how to lead a better PR, content and marketing program and discuss trendy industry topics. Follow our Twitter page at to get all of our updates!

We’re happy to announce our new PB&J blog name on 2013 National PB&J Day (April 2)!

If our new name doesn’t make you hungry, then National PB&J Day will make you itch for a ‘which and eager to help the environment, too! Check out the PB&J Campaign, whose goal is to educate people “on actions we can take (such as choosing a PB&J sandwich for lunch) to help create a sustainable, earth-friendly future with enough food for all.” You don’t have to agree with that to agree that PB&J is just an awesome name.

Hope you like our new graphic! Let us know what you think. And for the love of jelly, have a PB&J sandwich soon and think of us while you chew that peanuty goodness.