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Meet Our New Content Specialist: Andre Lenartowicz


I’m Andre Lenartowicz and I’m thrilled to join Ketner Group (i.e.: Team Awesome) as a content specialist. One thing I get asked a lot is why I chose to write for a living. It’s a bit of a long story so I think the best way to introduce myself is to explain that journey.

There’s beauty everywhere

Words are more than character sequences to me. I always try to find the most impactful way to say something. A client’s brief or style guide may not always lend itself to allowing that. But when possible, I thoroughly enjoy either finding beauty in words or, at the very least, having fun with them. For example, one of my all-time favorite headlines is: “Big rig carrying fruit crashes on 210 Freeway, creates jam.”

One thing I love doing in my spare time is traveling. Everywhere I go, I can always find something so beautiful or different or unique that I realize there’s so much to see and experience in the world. In some ways I experience something similar when I read or write something that’s relatable on some level – it’s like finding beauty in words.

Andre Lenartowcz KG Content Specialist

From journalism to PR (via a dentist office)

It always seemed like journalism was in the cards for me: childhood memories include recording myself reading the newspaper onto my My First Sony and feeling excited about getting the newspaper from the front door every morning. After being told by teachers that I was a good writer I figured I should do something with that skill.

However, journalism never felt right. It wasn’t until a chance encounter with an issue of PR Week – a trade publication about the PR and communications business – at a dentist’s office that it seemed like I found something else to do with that skill. I don’t know why an issue of PRWeek was at a dentist’s office, but perhaps it was simply the the universe nudging me onto this career path.

Andre Lenartowicz KG Public Relations

Fútbol is life!

When I’m not writing, I enjoy reading about, playing and watching soccer. This ranges from watching my favorite player, my daughter, to any match on TV. As mentioned, I love traveling – whether it’s alone or with my favorite partner-in-crime, my partner Jess. We recently got a dog named Harrison who occasionally photo bombs video calls. I’m also always on the hunt for a good espresso, craft beers and exotic potato chip flavors.

Another thing I’ve been asked by friends and family is, why the switch? This one’s simpler to answer: during the interview process, I asked people why they thought so many employees stay at the agency for so long. The answer was universally the same: Jeff and Catherine cultivate a workplace culture laser-focused on work-life balance. After hearing this, I knew if given the chance I had to join.