A word from our newest!
February 24, 2010  |  By Ketner Group

I’m Ketner Group’s resident rookie. I graduated with my bachelor’s of public relations way, way back in May 2009, and promptly joined the Ketner Group family. I’ve known from the beginning that I liked my job. We have awesome clients. I have a super cute desk (let’s be honest, what PR girl does not like cute office furniture from IKEA?) and post-it notes that bear my initials (again, PR ladies, do not act like you aren’t jealous). I even have my own extension and business cards (I know you are impressed!). Our team really is like a family, which I…Read More

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The Heart of the Proactive Volunteer: We need YOU!
February 8, 2010  |  By Catherine Seeds

I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands . You need to be able to throw something back. ~ Maya Angelou While thinking about the topic for this blog entry, I was inspired, in a strange way, by the recent tragic events in Haiti. More than 150,000 people were killed, and hundreds of thousands more injured, during the violent 7.0 earthquake that rocked Port-au-Prince to its core. The global response, however, to the plight of the people of Haiti has been a beautiful sight to behold. Millions of dollars have been pledged and…Read More

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The Power of the Press (Release)
January 27, 2010  |  By Jeff Ketner

For better or worse, press releases are a staple of every public relations toolkit. Used incorrectly, they can be the bane of an editor’s inbox: when the “news” isn’t really newsworthy, when companies take a shotgun approach to the media list, and when media outlets are bombarded with irrelevant information (does the New York Times really care about your software company’s latest technology partnership?). Used properly, however, a press release is a powerful communications tool that can help create sales opportunities, drive revenues and much more – all of which is underscored by several client examples from the past few…Read More

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