How Retail Tech Vendors Can Make the Most Out of Analyst Relations
September 14, 2011  |  By Jeff Ketner

We wear numerous hats when working with our retail technology clients on their PR and marketing programs. (However, as discussed in our recent post, we have to be mindful that we’re not trying to do everything all at once.) One of the most important hats we wear is that of the Analyst Relations manager. Just like any smart business strategy, there is no single best recipe for success when it comes to Analyst Relations, because every company is different, and every analyst is different and has unique preferences. However, there are a number of best practices that we stress to…Read More

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New KG Intern Sara on Her PR Degree and Internships
September 13, 2011  |  By Ketner Group

“What’s your major?” “Public relations.” Classic response: “Great! …What’s public relations?” Needless to say, a typical explanatory conversation with fellow students, family members and friendly coffee house employees gets old. But to be honest, I wasn’t even sure what public relations was until I came into my freshman year as a PR major at the University of Texas at Austin. I knew Samantha on “Sex and the City” was in public relations. She seemed to have a cool job. Why not go for it? As a junior public relations major at UT, I have learned that this business is demanding,…Read More

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KG Productivity Tips Series, #1: Minimizing Distractions
September 1, 2011  |  By Ketner Group

The topic of productivity needs no fancy introduction — everyone who runs or has stake in a business worries about it, and everyone wants to be better at it. At Ketner Group, we take pride in our balance between productivity and play, because, well, you know what they say about all work and no play. Below, a few of the Ketner Groupies have shared our favorite productivity tips. In the next couple of weeks, we’ll cover what works to keep us organized and on-task. Brittany: Multitasking Doesn’t Work, Sorry The first step of recovery is to admit you have a…Read More

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I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes
August 18, 2011  |  By Ketner Group

It’s coming. I can hear the buzz, the distant rumble of excitement from anticipation and preparations. It may be early, but people are already planning for it. It comes every year and the eyes of passersby twinkle at all the sights and sounds that flood the senses… …at the annual South-by-Southwest (SXSW) Interactive, Film and Music festival in Austin, TX. Did I have you thinking about Christmas for a second? I don’t blame you. But today, I’ve got SXSW on my mind. We Ketner Groupies are just plain excited. We all have special connections with SXSW. I got married this…Read More

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Location, Location, Location
August 5, 2011  |  By Ketner Group

William T. Dillard (1914-2002), founder of the Dillard’s department stores, is the person most often credited with the quotation, “Location, location, location.” Supposedly, one of the things that helped make him so successful was that he took notice of consumer’s shifting preference to indoor shopping malls. Of course, all you have to do is look at The Domain here in Austin for evidence that this preference seems to be shifting yet again. We got to thinking a lot about location recently, wondering if it is equally important across all industries. With retail stores, restaurants, etc.—of course. Location is absolutely key….Read More

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North Carolina Bound
July 27, 2011  |  By Catherine Seeds

Howdy friends – please excuse the short post, but it has been a bit hectic around here lately. The past few months have been very busy for all of us here at Ketner Group—in a good way! The summer months have traditionally been slower for us in years past—mostly because there are very few large industry tradeshows, which means our clients typically won’t make significant announcements or implement large, integrated marketing/PR campaigns. But that has not been the case for us this year! KG clients have had a very busy summer thus far with significant customer and product announcements, as…Read More

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Get to know Erica, one of the new Ketner Group interns!
July 22, 2011  |  By Ketner Group

Ketner Group has had some pretty awesome interns, and this summer is no different. Meet Erica, one of KG’s two new summer 2011 interns. We asked our AIs (Awesome Interns) to contribute to the blog, and here is the first post in the new series, “The KG Intern Experience.” It all started at the ripe age of 13 – an age when you’re socially awkward, chubby and snaggle-toothed. From the comfort of my bedroom, I ran the largest and most profitable PR agency in the world. Now, I didn’t know it was a PR agency at the time, so I…Read More

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Beat the Blogging Blues in 5 Steps
July 20, 2011  |  By Ketner Group

It seems like these days that everybody, their dog and their dog’s favorite brand has a blog. Even for those who don’t, it could be argued that they should. For anyone selling products or services, blogs are a great vehicle for customer engagement, thought leadership, and SEO optimization – and they can also be a big pain in the you-know-what. There are two distinct anti-blog camps: those with blogophobia and those with blog commitment phobia (don’t bother looking these up in the DSM…). The first describes a condition in which a company is hesitant to take on blogging because of…Read More

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Austin Got a Tattoo, and it spells Social Media
June 22, 2011  |  By Ketner Group

Have you heard? Mashable has challenged us to celebrate this year’s Social Media Day by proving why our city is the most social media savvy city in the world. Is it even a contest? When you think of social media’s birth of innovation and its spirit of togetherness while celebrating oppositeness, and find you still have the energy to be enthusiastic about it all, are you from LA? New York? London? No. You’re from Austin, baby. That’s right. Home to the geek producin’, barbeque lickin’, music lovin’ masses, Austin, TX, is the birthplace of social media acceptance. Austin lifted the…Read More

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NRF 2012: What You Can Do Now to Get Ready
June 15, 2011  |  By Jeff Ketner

June is a busy trade show month for retail, with Oracle’s CrossTalk, the Retail Mobile Executive Summit, and the RIS Retail Executive Summit, among others. And even though it seems an eternity from now, we’re inching ever closer to the most important annual event in retail technology: NRF 2012, the 101st edition of the National Retail Federation’s Big Show. I was reminded of this several weeks ago while our team worked on NRF speaking submissions for several of our clients. Admittedly, it’s not time to hit the panic button; after all, NRF is still seven months away.However, it’s a reminder to everyone in retail tech that…Read More

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